If you were a princess

Ok. Here is the thing that I want to share since last few months. It’s just an illustration for what had happened to me starting 10 months ago. And I am currently still thinking about it.

If you were a very beautiful princess, and there were 3 good men approaching to marry you, which one would you choose?

The first is a decent man, who is apparently your childhood friend. Handsome, decent, supportive and gives you what he’s got as a good friend. However, he is slow learner, old fashioned and now, he’s not in his best shape (he’s ill).

The second man is unexpectedly very helpful, notorious, fast-growing, young-spirited and respect you the way you are. One more thing, he is a very good person to talk to. Yet, he lives far away and you’ll need much effort to see him.

The third is a mature man (not old, LoL), established, promising and very well-organized. He tells you how to live your life wisely and seemingly, you expect something from him.

Is it hard options to choose? tell me your opinion, please…

You know, I am married and there is no way this posting really refers to a man to choose. Well, honestly, they are about my work, heuheuheu… so, what do you think?

agaiiiin…. it feels so great to share here.


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