Have you ever heard about ecocriticism??

Here is a brief information about ecocriticism.

Glotfelty (1996) as cited in Barry (2002: 248) stated “simply defined, Ecocriticism is the study of the relationship between literature and the physical environment.” In other word, Ecocriticism analyzes how physical environment effect literary works.

As mentioned by Barry (2002: 252) ” Perhaps, the most fundamental point to make here is that ecocritics rejects the notion (common to most of the other theories in this book) that everything is socially and or linguistically constructed. For the ecocriticis, nature really exist, out there beyond ourselves, not needing to be ironised as a concept by enclosure within knowing inverted commas, but actually present as an entity which effect us, and which we can affect, perhaps fatally, if we mistreat it.” from this statement, it is clear that nature can’t be something to beautify the literary work, nature should also be a valuable part of a story.

The raise of people’s understanding to preserve nature brings ecocriticism to be an interesting theory to analyze literary work. How nature/ physical setting forms character and characterization, how nature plays an important role in the story, will be very discussed further using this theory.




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