My Dream

February 20th, 2013

Listen to this kind of music ( now I’m listening to an advertisement’s jingle of Dj*ruapartmentm Bl*ck… ) always reminds me to my dream of the past. I imagined myself, just arrive home from work. I live in a minimalist-style apartment and I play this maroonmusic. I’m wearing an admirable maroon suit, high heels and lovely brown coat. I wear that suit since I’m just arrived from a business dinner with a client. Well, I can be a successful lawyer or PR officer.

Hmm… Whatta great fantasy I had!

Do you know what am I doing right now?

I’m in my rent room, listening to TV while I’m writing this stuff. It’s a bright light room. Today, I wear a flattering red-grey-checkered sack dress, grey trousers, red veil and black high heels. Oh yes, I really have that cool brown coat, I love it.

Now, I’m tired, I have a clImageass to teach today and it’s continued by a consultation time with a student. I’m a lecturer. A successful one? Maybe.


I love my life now, I have so many things I want, and I feel so blessed.


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