In my life, I’m always fascinated by animal. I had a black cat named eveready, stripped female cat engus, ugly three colored cat encret, some rabbits and other animals. But the most unforgettable pets for me are: Acuy the bird, and Sepen the cat

Acuy the bird

Once, when I was in high school,  my father found a pained bird in front of his workplace. He kept this bird and brought it home. He gave it some medication for it wound and he also searched for some used cage for it.  When I saw it, I don’t really like it, because it kept on pup everywhere and this bird was really fierce. It pecked my hands over and over again so, I swore that I hate it.

Few days passed, I never cared about this bird. However, my dad often released it from the cage so it can learned how to fly. It flew around the house, hand of course, it was me who must cleaned up the poop. Damn. The bird kept on chasing everybody in my house and peck us. And I realized that it loved to chased me more than to anybody.  One day, It flew to a  high tree, outside of the house. It seems that Acuy wanted to go back but it was afraid to flew back.. All of the sudden, I remembered that Acuy loved the sound of coins. I took some coins from my house, and I made some noise from my hands. Acuy came to me and it “dance” on my hands. I like it, and since then, we understand each other.  Acuy never pecked me, and I took care of it.

When I started my study at a college, I didn’t bring Acuy with me. Surprisingly, Acuy never forget me. When I was home for holiday, Acuy followed me everywhere. I put it on my shoulder and never run away. I prepared some water on a small tray, and it will bath on it by itself, after that, Acuy would went outside for sunshine and ate some lichen. When a cat approached, Acuy will simply jump on to it and pecked it. hahahaha… no cat ever win!Image

Here is some information about Jalak Kebo or The White-vented Myna (Acridotheres javanicus), also known as the Javan Myna and the Buffalo Myna, is a myna, a member of the starling family. It is primarily found in Java.

It is conspecific, and thought to be in competition with the Common Myna (A. tristis) in some of its range (for example, Malaysia and Singapore).

The White-vented Myna has an extremely liquid voice and, like the European starling, incorporates imitation into its repertoire (though it Hnot able to imitate the human voice, like the Hill MynaGracula religiosa).

The White-vented Myna is predominantly black, with a white vent, a white wing patch, white on the underside of the tail, and has a thick yellow eye ring for grown adults, legs and beak. It sometimes has grey (white) flecking on its belly. It can raise the feathers on its forehead into a dramatic crest.

Like other sturnids it is omnivorous, roosts in colonies and is abundantly successful in a variety of habitats. Javan Mynas are as accomplished in cities as they are in padi fields, where they will prey on insects disturbed by water buffalo, often riding the buffalo like the related oxpecker.

It is usually found in southeast Asia.

Sepen d’cingtut (Sepen the ugly cat)

There was a cat that usually came to my board at seven o’clock, it knew that it is my dinner time.a pose for Bazaaar It always wear that cute poor face. I couldn’t stand it, and that’s how I began to feed it. It seemed that it was not only me who was fascinated by this cat, my boyfriend who apparently a cat lover, also loved it. So, this cat was very welcome in my board or his.

This cat had some bad cutest cat ever! I knew it because when I allowed it to sleep in my room it showed the real attitude (people said, it just like your spouse, hahaha…). The cat snored! haha.. and it also did some invasion to my bed. Besides, once he threw up in my room. hwaaaaa….. 😦 but, it still cute, somehow.

Now, Sepen’s gone. I don’t know where and why he left. He never left a message or postcard. Well, I hope he always happy wherever he is 😀


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