In My Search of Justice


Now I’m a postgraduate student in one of government university in Bandung, Indonesia. It has been 1 semester that I studied here. . so far, it’s not really good. I mean, there are still many lecturers  who abandoned the students. Leave the class without any explanation, no make up class and poor explanation about the subject. What do I expect from this kind of education? there are some of my friends said “well, just do it for the sake of score and certificate.” It’s not really make any sense for me. You see, I expect so much from this level. I mean, I’m really eager to absorb any knowledge from this University, but the fact says it differently.

For that reason, when the dean attended the class and asked us about the real condition of teaching-learning activity in his faculty. I, bluntly,  said that there are some lecturers who didn’t do their obligation. Surprisingly, my friends, who were also object with this were keep on quiet. I felt so alone and I didn’t know why they did it.

When we finished that class, a friend talked to a friend, friend, friend, friend of mine, that one of the lecturers would be so upset when that person knew that we complained about him, and reduce our score. Whatta…

Well, I knew nothing about that. If and only if I knew, should I just zip my lips ’till the end of time?

The next semester will be started soon, Let’s just pray for any better thing that may come.


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