Nick Name

It’s been a year that I’ve held this position. All this year, I’ve faced many people with their complexity. Well, I know, that I have to cope with this. However, when someone bothers me, I will simply soothe my mind by giving them a nickname

Here are the nicknames:

1. Papa Panda

2. Mr. Grizzly 

3. The Witch

4. Miss Princess ( Hueeeekkk……) 

5. Mr. You-are-not-ugly-that’s-it


6. Astro Boy.


7. Big Momma

8. Aceng Fikri

On the second thought, not all of them bother me, few of them really good to me. well, i just wanna remember them the way I want it

can you guess who are they? xixixixiixxi….

hey, i have one more to come. Check this out!
the GoatFather

Jason Buck


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