what had happened in “rapat dosen”, odd semester 2012

It’s a little bit funny when I remembered this occasion. It took place, two months ago. It actually just a common Rapat Dosen, with common lecturers and common activity. If and only if the” x” factors didn’t occur… yea, forget it. Now I just want to share some images that were taken in that occasion. Check this out!
Here are my colleagues in ECD (ECD gangsters)

From left to right:
Ms. Dien, Ms. Alia, and Ms. Nargis
Whatta beautiful scene 

Next, we’re gonna meet some serious ECD lecturers; Ms.Dahlia, Ms. Disy, Ms. Indry, Ms. Dewi, and Ms. Welda.
Check their “very-serious-faces”. I want to know what are in their head. Haha…

This one…..
Can’t help to introduce them as my seniors. Good seniors, indeed.
They are Ms. Linda, Ms. Teti and Mr.Yoenta
What can I do without them….

That’s all about ECD Gangsters. Now, let’s move to other pictures

Hey, look at this. I found this cute little picture.
They are Mr.Dadad and Ms. Mira. They’re a nice nice nice couple. Long live, fella..

This picture is about good friends of mine.
Ms. Asye been good to me, although we had misunderstanding, once. Mr. Cuhenda is one of my partner in crime and Ms. Ay ay (ai) is a good fella. She always full of understanding.
Nice to know you all…

Thank’s for reading…

(these pictures were taken by Mr. Yoenta)


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