Today I’m having my admission test in UPI. I’ve done the first term; English test. Well, what can I say about it? It was all reading comprehension, I have confidence in it since my weakpoint is,of course, structure. hahahahaha… So God, please don’t make me down..
Now, I’m waiting for the second test, which is “tes potensi akademik”. Let see… Gtg, c u

Here, i report that “tes potensi akademik is like you pull a nail in a hole, starting from the sharp point”. It is easy at the begining but in the end it’s getting hard, and TaDaaa…. It stucks! Hahaha… Stuck is my brain, mate. What can I say, I have to admit it.

I have also done the writiing test.
How was it? Hmmm… Hmmm… Hmmm… Hmmm… I was nervous dude. I had the main points, I elaborated them and… And… And… I’m not to sure about it, especially the grammatical mistake
But i still have loads confidence with my points. Hahaha…

U know what, now I’m facing the interview test. Let see whom will I face this time. Didi sukyadi, no (he’s in the next class). Nenden sri, might be, cos she was “clingak clinguk” just now. :-X
Wish i could have odlo or didi suherdi, they were nice..

Dadang sudana seems to be the one. Donno much about this man.. Let see…

The interview was fast. I dont know is it a good sign or even bad? He asked me this and that and I answered. Well, a lil nervous (again) and a lil misunderstanding at the begining. Whoooaaa… I have no idea about it. Let see.. The result would be on june 1st. Wish me luck everybody…



  1. Zeus · May 21, 2012

    Wish me lucky rrahmanirrahiiim

  2. pujipramesti · May 21, 2012

    yea… wish me luck. i really want to be a student again hahaha..

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