Alan Chang

I just bought Michael Buble’s dvd “caught in the act” concert. I love it. I love the songs and I love the way Michael sang the song perfectly. Michael is stunning, entertaining and fascinating. However, there is someone behind the piano who also caught my sight.

This pianist happens to be Michael’s musical director. His name is Alan Chang. He directed most of michael’s musics and the result is awesome!
here we go.

Quiet and unassuming, Alan may be one of the more reserved members of the band but he is also one of the most generous and gracious with his time after the shows.

Born on 4th December, 1979, Alan’s incredible talent belies his years and at only 32 years of age, he has already accomplished what many of his contemporaries can only hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Although Alan makes playing the piano look easy now, he didn’t always find it quite so comfortable … His first piano lesson was taken when he was just six years’ old and wasn’t something he particularly relished doing, so much so that he freely admits to having cried the first day of lessons. Thankfully for his fans, in spite of these early inhibitions, Alan persevered with the piano and could often be found playing in his local community of Almaden, San Jose, California.

As a senior at Pioneer High, San Jose,  Alan made the NorCal Grammy Band and realised he was hooked on music. He was one of only two piano students chosen nationally for a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where he graduated in 2002.
About a year later, he received a call from Warner Brother Records asking if he would like to audition to for a new singer called Michael Bubé. The audition lasted 30 minutes and Alan was hired the following day.
As Musical Director, Alan works closely with Michael to oversee the setlist, writes the live arrangments, manages rehearsals and conducts the band’s live performances from behind the piano that he now plays so effortlessly. He also has the unenviable task of being in charge of hiring and firing the musicians that make up the Bublé band.
Alan is responsible for making sure the concerts run smoothly, musically at least, but inevitably things happen along the way which end up altering the format of the shows – an unexpected microphone failure one evening, during a concert a few years ago, led to Michael having to improvise an acoustic version of “My Funny Valentine” with Alan on piano. The rapturous applause that followed led the two of them to decide that that was how every evening of the tour should end and the new-found formula is still proving extremely popular with “Song For You” wrapping up each live show.
Now I just wanna say that I fancy him, hahahaha.. Donno, I always love someone who is able to play piano and Alan is outrageous. He
looks so calm and serious to do the job, and I like him more.. 😀 he’s the hottest pianist ever! wish i could meet him someday..

(kok jadi menyatakan perasaan gini wkwkwkwk…)

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  1. Linda · January 26, 2013

    I was doing a search to find out who the pianist is that was in one of Michael’s videos and I came across your blog. Yes, Alan is very talented but….LOL…..I thought he was a girl in the video I saw. Oh, well !

  2. Puji Pramesti · January 26, 2013

    hahahaha…. his Chinese inheritance lend him that cute soft face LOL…

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