My birthday wish


Last ten days was my birthday. I didn’t prepare anything for it ‘cos I didn’t find it interesting anymore. I think it just a tic toc time running over me. I just wanted to pass it quietly and peacefully; no birthday party, no birthday wishes, no cards, and nobody knows, without those things would be really really just fine.

A few weeks before it, I had very very busy weeks, with P2M, graduation, preparing this and that, everything… a really 3 hell weeks… after all, I need to have my runaway. That was when my parents called me and told me that my grandma was sick.

Hemm hemm… really perfect time…………

I bought a ticket to the east, pack a lil’ bit, grab some knick knacks and gooo..!! I was so enthusiastic with this journey.

When I arrived in the train station, at 6.30 pm, I found that my mobile’s signal is lost. After several trials and errors the signal was never return. Well, since the time of my departure was really close, I decided to buy simcard with different operator, and it worked! The first and only person whom I called was my mom, just to let her know that I used that number.

It was a long journey, 10 hours from Bandung to Madiun. I spent most of my time to read and watched over the dark window. Then, I just remembered that it was my birthday night. I starred the window again and think “what adventure would I experience this year?” and I began to remember things that had happen for the last 1 year. I laughed silently when I realize how silly I was, and all of those rebellions and all those fun, but here I am now. I am who I am, who thanks for every good thing in my life, and notice the weaknesses I have. At that time, I just realized that God grant my wish. A silent birthday, with an unknown cellphone number, amongost strangers and time to contemplate.

Thanks God, for every little good things in my life.

#Never know that my students prepared a surprise party when I get back to Bandung 😀 thanks for this one too God#


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