Pop up man

Have u ever experienced the condition when you don’t really want to meet someone, but he keeps on popping in front of you and gives you that awkward feeling?

Yes, it’s like you were dumped by your boyfriend, you’ve accepted that condition, and you move on. You start to see someone else, BUT, when you meet him in some accidental occasions, he keeps on asking how you feel, and, both implicitly and explicitly, ask you to come back in near future.

What are you gonna do about it?

I just don’t know how to deal with this. The truth is, It is irritating.

Any idea how?


Serigala, Prajurit Disersi, dan Keledai Gendut.

Ini adalah hal yang terpikir olehku selama beberapa hari ini. Melihat situasi disekitarku, tiba-tiba kata-kata ini muncul begitu saja. Serigala, praurit disersi, dan keledai gendut.

Jika ini dibuat cerita, kira-kira akan sperti apa ya? ini adalah bebeapa pilihan yang mungkin muncul:

  1. Prajurit disersi pergi meninggalkan pasukannya karena alasan indisipliner, bertemu dengan serigala cerdik, dan di tengah perjalanan menemukan keledai gendut yang berjalan terseok-seok, namun keledai ini tidak bisa berhenti bicara.
  2. Serigala yang mencari korban menemukan prajurit disersi kebingungan, serigala berpikir, daripada dimakan, mending dimanfaatkan. ditengah kelaparannya, serigala bertemu keledai gendut yang terlalu menjijikkan untuk dimakan. maka dia memanfaatkan kedua mahluk tersebut untuk makanan yang lebih enak.
  3. Serigala bosan dengan kehidupannya, mencari teman lintas jenis untuk mencari pencerahan, bagaikan biksu Tong yang berjalan ke Barat untuk menemukan kitab suci.

aku tak sanggup, sudah mulai menggila ini idenya. hehehehehe… yang pasti, aku cuma pengen bilang, judul ini pernah muncul di otakku, dan kurang lebih ini menceritakan sebuah bagian dari kehidupanku. 😀

I question myself why

There is a thought coming to my head during my ride every morning.

I often think why can’t I be supple as I was before? especially in facing people in the workplaces.

Here is my fast answer, still in my mind. Well, after a person I trust so much, more than friend, acknowledges me only as her colleague, and gives me no hand. After my colleagues bring me down from my position without any discussion before, and after a colleague threatened me to kick me out of this place when I was pregnant, how can I trust people?

Next question, when I feel it very awful, why can’t I just leave this place and find another job?

Still in my mind, honestly, I still find this place promising economically, and it is kind of uneasy to find a good comparison. Hehehehe…

In conclusion, what happened to me was very painful that maybe It left me a trauma. It makes me hard to trust people and keep a distance from them. I can make a good beginning, but I don’t go any further. Fyuuh…
I am working on something right now, and hopefully it results the best for me. batman.jpg